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Medizinische Kosmetik Facial Aiyasha Spa

MEDICAL SUNDAY – Medicinal Spa Treatments

From 20th November 2016 every Sunday in our AIYASHA medical spa is called “Happy Medical Sunday”. You can now enjoy our extensive offers of highly effective medicinal-cosmetic treatments even on a Sunday. Whether it be a citric acid peel, JetPeel, laser treatment, medicinal foot care or lymph drainage – there is an exclusive medical beauty menu for every taste. All medicinal spa treatments during “Medical Sunday” are bookable by the person paying (payment is taken directly at the AIYASHA medical spa) and cannot be filed under your legal/private insurance policies. All treatments can be booked online: Simply click on “Book appointment online”, select Medicinal Spa Treatments under “which treatment?” and then search for the treatment you want. You can also book your treatment over the phone at 089 21024550.




Highly efficient treatment with immediate effect. It refines and smooths your complexion making you look visible younger. It is particularly suitable for wrinkled, greasy and large-pored skin with poor circulation.

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MELASMA MICRO-NEEDLING 60 minutes 250 euros

This effective skin treatment with a derma-pen stimulates regrowth within the skin. The result: it regenerates collagen and elastic fibres and reduces hyperpigmentation.

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CITRIC ACID PEEL from 80 euros

Face 30 minutes from 80 euros
Body (1 area) 45 minutes 100 euros

This peel removes the top cell layer and thus stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. Fine wrinkles are smoothed and liver spots are brightened – for a radiant complexion.

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JET PEEL from 95 euros

Mini 30 minutes 95 euros
Classic 60 minutes 170 euros
Deluxe 90 minutes 200 euros

A water-vapour mix is shot at the face with supersonic speed, gently and completely painlessly removing the top layer of skin. Active ingredients such as hyaluronan and vitamins can be implanted without a needle. Immediate visible skin improvement.

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Mini 30 minutes 80 euros
Classic 60 minutes 150 euros
Deluxe 90 minutes 180 euros

A gentle and effective form of rejuvenation. This instrument-based peel removes the top layer of skin and stimulates skin cell regeneration. Imperfections are removed leaving the skin feeling smooth.

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TCA PEEL 30 minutes from 400 euros

The TCA peel removes wrinkles and age spots, leaving your skin feeling soft, fresh and rejuvenated.

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ACNE FACIAL from 45 euros

30 minutes from 45 euros (without add-on)
45 minutes from 65 euros (treatment with mask)
60 minutes from 85 euros (treatment with high-frequency wand/ultrasound)

Intense clean using specialist cosmetics. Upon request and depending on the duration of the booked treatment, we use a calming mask to stimulate skin regeneration and/or treat your skin using a high-frequency wand of ultrasound device.

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DOCTOR DUVE Treatments

DOCTOR DUVE FACIAL CLASSIC 60 minutes 130 euros

Cleans skin and removes impurities. At the end we pamper you with a face massage and finish with a nourishing mask that is perfectly tailored to your skin type and needs. We also use an ampule or cloth mask for intensive care depending on your skin condition and needs.

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DOCTOR DUVE EYE TREATMENT 30 minutes 80 euros

This mesoporation treatment significantly increases absorbing capacity of your skin. Valuable vitamins and growth factors are gently implanted deep into the skin using electrical impulses.

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Special micro-needling procedure with DOCTOR DUVE Bodycare products. Growth factors are worked into the skin using dermarollers. This stimulates collagen production and strengthens connective tissue – for an effective body contouring. Ideal for acidotic and uneven skin in need of strength. Only suitable for arms, thighs and stomach.

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Permanent hair removal

LASER EPILATION from 10 minutes to 3 hours (depending on the area)

Permanent hair reduction using the VectusTM diode laser system or light-sheer laser guarantees comfortable treatment with first-class results. Excessive hair growth on the face, neck, under the armpits, on the legs and arms and in the bikini zone can be permanently removed.

25 minutes 150 euros

Whole arms
40 minutes 300 Euro

Whole arms incl. armpit
45 minutes 400 Euro

30 minutes 220 euros

Beard edge correction
20 minutes 110 Euro

Legs, bikini zone + armpits
75 minutes 650 euros

Legs+ bikini zone
60 minutes 580 euros

Bikini zone
25 minutes 185 euros

Bikini zone + armpits
30 minutes 314 euros

25 minutes 120 euros

25 minutes 110 euros
25 minutes 60 euros

Back of neck
30 minutes 150 euros

Upper arms
30 minutes 115 euros

Upper body (chest)
40 minutes 470 Euro

Upper lip
20 minutes 60 euros

Upper lip + Chin
25 minutes 110 euros

Upper lip, chin, neck + cheeks
40 minutes 185 euros

35 minutes 350 euros

Thighs, bikini zone + armpits
60 minutes 450 euros

20 minutes 120 euros

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Lymph drainage


30 minutes 50 euros
60 minutes 100 euros

Uses light pressure in circular motions to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid and support the circulatory system, always starting at the extremities and working inwards, gently relieving swelling and congestion in the tissue. 

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50 minutes 50 euros
60 minutes 100 euros

This equipment-based method with the Ballancer® – also known as lymph trousers – works with a pressurised air system that targets and massages areas of the legs. The special trousers have an integrated air chamber in which the pressure is increased and decreased. The result: speeds up metabolic processes and relieves tension as well as accelerating fat reduction. The top layer of skin on the thighs is smoothed and the leg circumference is significantly reduced.

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Hand & Foot Treatments

MEDICINAL FOOT CARE 55 minutes 65 euros

Regular medicinal foot care can help diagnose pathological changes. They can also prevent and reduce existing foot problems. Treatments include professional cutting of ingrown or rolled up nails, treatment of nail fungus and thickened nails, removal of calluses and hard skin as well as the careful removal of corns.

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NAIL FUNGUS LASER from 80 euros

1-5 nails approx. 10 to 25 minutes 80 euros
6-8 nails approx. 10 to 25 minutes 110 euros

The IPL procedure works with high-energy light impulses that penetrate deep through the nail plate of the infected nail and destroy the micro-organisms that cause nail fungus.

Book online via spabooker

CLASSIC NAIL BRACE 25 minutes 47 euros

NAIL TEST (1 toe) approx. 10 to 15 minutes 15 euros


Body Contouring

ACCENT PRIME from 200 euros

Currently the most modern system for remodelling and smoothing skin, it treats the face and fat stores on the body with a combination for radio frequency and ultrasound. For a quick and long-lasting result.

Inner or outer arms
50 minutes 250 Euro

30 minutes 200 euros

50 minutes 250 euros
Inner or outer thighs
80 minutes 300 Euro
5-pack inner or outer arms* 1,000 euros
5-pack stomach* 800 euros
5-pack hips 1,000 euros
5-pack inner or outer thighs* 1,000 euros

*5-packs can be found and booked on our online booking portal on the right side under “Special Offer Packs”!

Book online via spabooker


The best mechanical massage for stimulating lymph flow. Drains and provides connective tissue with oxygen. Tightens and tones skin and increases elasticity.

45 minutes 80 euros
12-pack* 800 euros

*12-packs can be found and booked on our online booking portal on the right side under “Special Offer Packs”!

Book online via spabooker

VELASHAPE III from 200 euros

The combination of infrared radiation and vacuum coupled radio frequency technology heats deep into fat cells and connective tissues. Tightens skin and improves skin structure. It is particularly effective for cellulite.

70 minutes 300 Euro

40 minutes 250 euros

70 minutes 300 euros

30 minutes 200 euros

60 minutes 250 euros

Inner, outer or back of thighs
70 minutes 350 Euro
3-pack arms* 600 euros
3-pack stomach* 500 euros
3-pack hips* 600 euros
3-pack chin* 400 euros
3-pack knee* 500 euros
3-pack inner, outer or back thighs* 700 euros

*3-packs can be found and booked on our online booking portal on the right side under “Special Offer Packs”!

Book online via spabooker

SWISS CELLVIBE 45 minutes 100 euros

Uses acoustic waves to combat cellulite. Tissue metabolism is increased which accelerates the reduction of fat cells and reduces cellulite bulges.

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